Linux Mint 14 Laptop

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Sometime last year, I stopped using my old personal laptop (late '09 vintage) all together simply because it was too slow.  Well ok, I did keep it around and use it rarely for the one or two apps I had installed on it.  But after migrating away from those apps, I ditched it.  After all [...]


Google Wow, I mean Now

Google Wow, I mean Now thumbnail

It always amazes me to see Google roll out all of their changes so rapidly.  Recently, I was taking a trip and found Google Now on my phone telling me about my flight I was about to get on.  After landing, I saw a card with the hotel info with a link to navigate to [...]


Whew, New Empty Blog

A brand new blog with nothing carried over from way back.  I'm not sure where to start.  List Articles, talk about development, mobile ... I'll have to sit back and think about it.